Thursday, October 27, 2016

Social Media Marketing

Damian Lillard  does a great job of using Social Media for himself and for his album that released less than 2 weeks ago. Damian has 1.1 Million followers on Twitter, he sent out a series of tweets of which platforms the music would be released on, he listed all of the featured artists on the album and engaged his followers by telling them to tweet him their thoughts on it and adding the hashtag "#TheLetterO." The Hashtag started trending and my Twitter feed blew up with tweets associated with Damian. (Because I have his tweets notified) Almost everyone on the Blazers roster also shouted him out, with a few other notable NBA superstars Including LeBron James, Dwayne Wade, and John Wall. Giving him more exposure on social media.

"The Letter O" rose to #48 album on iTunes and the #2 album in the Hip-Hop/Rap genre. Because of the social media marketing of Damian and his NBA All star friends.

Gary V preaches to create content, conversation and cash. By creating content (Damian's Album) that is worthwhile to talk about, Damian engaged his audience by asking for their opinions on the content and created a hashtag to keep track of the impressions of that subject. All in all Damian was making money off of the album sales and he successfully climbed the charts of iTunes, one of the main platforms where the music was released to. By engaging your audience and having NBA All star friends in Damian's case, he did a great job of spreading the world of his content.

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